Dr Carol Baron Thompson - always smiling!
“Carol Baron’s interpretive Art, Virtuoso Technique, unquestionable musicality temperament and deeply felt renditions are unforgettable.

She received standing ovations at her concerts in the G.D.R. to enthusiastic audiences. She sang her encores, 5 Arias by Puccini, Grieg, Mozart and Schubert which proved she is an equally accomplished singer”. November, 6th 1986 - Ziana. Berlin Music Critic.

Carol Baron, born in Mufulira, Zambia, began piano lessons with her music teacher mother. She added violin and singing lessons. At 13 years of age she had musical debut with the S.A.B.C. Orchestra in South Africa, in Johannesburg.

She attended Kingsmead College in Johannesburg and had lessons with lsidor Epstein and Adolf Hallis.

After getting her Music Degrees U.P.L.M & U.T.L.M., she won a Scholarship to Cape Town University where she studied with Harold Rubens and Doris Lardner and received her B.MUS. AND L.R.S.M. Degrees (Performers and Teachers) and then went to London where she was with the H .Fellowship of the Trinity College of London (F.TC.L.)

In 1961 she continued her studies in Italy with Renata Borgatti in Rome and Arturo Benedetti Michaelangeli in Bolzano, Northern Italy.

She was the pianist in the Piano Trio-“Trio Clasico” with Eusebio Ibarra (Past Sarasate Violin prize winner) and Antonio Campos (International Spanish Musician).

She married Bernard Thompson and settled in Harare in 1966. She has 3 children Gary, Kimberley and Darren.

She has toured the Far East and China, played in the Soviet Union (1982) and was Guest Artist in the G.D.R. October 1986, and the United States and Europe each year.

She was the first person from the whole of AFRICA to play in the Soviet Union, G.D.R., Far East and China.

Carol Baron International Concert Pianist, child prodigy and winner of six Gold Medals in Open Competition.

Studied under Harold Rubens, Adolph Hallis and Isidor Epstein in South Africa.
Carol Baron continued her studies in Italy under Arturo Benedetti-Michaelangeli and Renate Borgatti.

Carol Baron, 2nd generation Zimbabwean, holds several music degrees (D.MUS, FTCL, LRSM, L.T.C.L. UPLM, U.T.L.M.)

She had her own Radio Programme for 2 years in Zimbabwe where she played and sang and gave music appreciation classes on the air.

She has appeared in Opera and is a very versatile musician.
Carol Baron’s career only matured in the 1980’s due to the isolation of the then Rhodesia and her first tour was informal performances in the United States, playing to selected audiences in Washington, New York, Michigan, Cedar Falls, Iowa and Newport News in Virginia in 1982.

In 1983 Miss Baron was the first pianist from Africa to he invited to play in the Peoples Republic of China and was given rave reviews by the Chinese Critic in Beijing and by the Director of the Shanghai Conservatoire where Miss Baron gave a Master Class and Recital.

Miss Baron was invited to the Soviet Union by Professor Mikhail Vokresensky, Senior Profession, of Piano at Moscow State Conservatoire and a concert pianist in his own right, who had heard her play in Zimbabwe, and she gave outstanding recital performances in UFA and Recital and Concerto performances in Kazan and in the Great Hall of Leningrad, where she was given the Honour of Opening the Winter Music Season.

She played Beethoven’s 4th Piano Concerto Op 58 in G Major and all the critics gave all her performances rave notices. Miss Baron’s second Tour of the Soviet Union was in 1988 where she played in Moscow, Kiev, Tallin, Riga and Leningrad and the Southern States of the Soviet Union.

In October1986 Miss Baron had another successful tour of the then German Democratic Republic of Germany (G.D.R.), playing in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Karl Marxstadt, Magdaburg, Gentin and Augustusburg and her second Tour was confirmed for 20-30 January 1989, where she performed Solo Recitals and Piano Concertos with Orchestra.

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